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    Frequently asked questions

    Fuze combines real-time data from all client financial accounts into a single view, allowing your team to easily track progress and access critical insights, all with the security and privacy clients deserve. It's an easy way for your firm to improve productivity, efficiency, and compliance across all your practices.

    Fuze uses third party financial account aggregator services to connect to financial accounts. Fuze servers will never see your credentials. Our third party aggregators provide a read-only interface to Fuze; therefore Fuze cannot make any transactions on your behalf.

    Bank accounts, Credit cards, Investment accounts (Brokerage accounts, Pensions, ISAs), Property, Loans, Insurances, Cryptocurrency accounts and wallets NFTs and Defi Any other assets, liabilities, investments can be manually entered

    When financial accounts are connected to Fuze, we utilise the robust capabilities of our third party data providers to securely establish and maintain the connection. The third party data providers act as intermediaries, securely retrieving financial data from various institutions and aggregating it in one central location. The connection process involves a secure authentication procedure where account credentials are sent directly to our third party providers, not to Fuze. This ensures that sensitive information remains encrypted and protected. Once connected, our third party data providers continuously update and refresh the data, allowing access real-time and accurate information within the Fuze platform. Rest assured, we prioritise the security and privacy of financial data, and our integration with our third party data providers follows industry-leading standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information.

    At Fuze, we prioritise a quick and hassle-free onboarding process for your firm. With our streamlined approach, we have designed the process to take less than an hour. Our dedicated team will efficiently gather your details and swiftly set up everything you need, ensuring a seamless transition to our platform. This means you can start leveraging the benefits of Fuze and providing assistance to your clients without delay. We understand the importance of getting up and running swiftly, and our goal is to enable you to make the most of our platform as soon as possible.